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Our Greywater Recycling System is just the DIY project you've been looking for!  Plus, it will actually save you money while helping you to do your part to conserve our natural resources and save the environment for future generations.

When you buy our plans, you'll receive a full 30 pages jam-packed with fabrication diagrams, actual photos, assembly instructions, a complete tool list, and a materials list with parts sourcing suggestions.  We also include suggested maintenance procedures as well as tips and formulas throughout to help you customize and optimize your system so you get the most savings possible.  A basic troubleshooting guide and some food for thought finish it off.  

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NEW!!!  Also included with your purchase is an 8-page addendum outlining the construction and implementation of our optional Automate Active Sterilizer (AAS).  The AAS works with your Greywater Recycling System to eliminate biological contaminants and odors from the greywater used throughout your home and can be built inexpensively in just two hours.

In the interest of making our world cleaner and safer, we  will even give you unlimited FREE technical support via email to help you with the construction and operation of your system!

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You will download your plans electronically in PDF format -- you pay no shipping or handling charges.  You are free to view your plans on your computer screen or to print them out for personal use in your workshop.  And you may email us at any time for tips or advice before, during, or after your build.  We'll be happy to help you in any way we can!

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