Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be getting.  A generous 30 pages including theory of operation, choosing the location and pump type/size, tool and materials list, overview of skills required, functional diagrams, dimensioned assembly diagrams with detailed instructions, full-color photos of actual system components, and a step-by-step guide to connecting, operating, and maintaining your system.  A convenient troubleshooting chart and a page of closing thoughts rounds out this set of plans.

Plus our NEW 8-page addendum outlining the construction and implementation of the optional Automate Active Sterilizer (AAS).  The AAS works with your Greywater Recycling System to eliminate biological contaminants and odors from the greywater used throughout your home and can be built inexpensively in just two hours.  These plans are included FREE for a total of 38 pages!

DIY Greywater Recycling System plans -- FREE PREVIEW

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